Webinar: Sleep and Recovery Toolkit


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Join us for this webinar to find out more about how to address the increasingly damaging sleep loss epidemic affecting the nation. 

The webinar features an overview of the new toolkit from Business in the Community and Public Health England, Sleep and Recovery that both examines and offers guidance on addressing the underreported impact of sleep deprivation. 

The business and moral case for good sleep and recovery is compelling. 

The 24/7 digital economy has brought us many good things, creating jobs and prosperity. But the downside is that we are on the go, all the time. The dividing line between our work and our life outside work has blurred. In a connected society, we are always switched on. Modern lifestyles leave less time for sleep, and when we do sleep it is often interrupted or cut short. 

Sleep is an emerging hot topic for employers and Sainsbury’s 2017 Living Well Index has demonstrated the importance of sleep to national wellbeing, with respondents identifying sleep quality as the factor with the strongest influence on wellbeing.

Despite the challenge, this is an opportunity for UK plc. As this toolkit demonstrates, acting now offers a potential for big wins, in terms of productivity and staff engagement, by taking small steps.

Business in the Community and Public health England have co-produced the first ever sleep and recovery toolkit aimed at all employers which consolidates the best evidence, employer practice and aligned with the best freely available resources. 

Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director, Business in the Community and Manuel Ramos, Health & Work Programme Manager, Public Health England will share an overview of the toolkit with a focus on the following topics:

  • The business case for good sleep
  • Legal responsibility of employers
  • Sleep deprivation – the signs and causes
  • Top tips for good sleep hygiene
  • Shift work – coping strategies and recovery
  • Driving and road safety