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In one of the first studies of its kind in the UK, Business in the Community’s Inclusive Leadership: Culture Change for Business Success report found that over 80% of employees that have worked with an inclusive leader were more motivated and productive, loyal to the organisation and more likely to go the extra mile. Inclusive leadership is leadership excellence.

In this workshop delegates will be supported to review their individual skills and behaviours through an Inclusive Leadership lens and identify personalised goals. They will learn Inclusive Leadership skills, tools, and best practice from other organisations, moving from a place of comfort to competence. 

The aims and objectives of the workshop 
By the end of the workshop, attendees should have:

  • Developed their own personal inclusive leadership approach
  • Explored inclusive leadership tools to use in their role as managers
  • Confidence in contextualising inclusive leadership to their roles and organisations
  • Explored and overcome barriers to realising their strengths as inclusive leaders
  • Developed an action plan to extend their impact across their organisation

Additionally, delegate organisations will benefit from: 

  • Harnessing delegate's skills in adaptability, building relationships and developing talent as inclusive leaders to increase performance and innovation. 
  • Extending the impact of delegate's actions plans to break down the barriers to progression experienced by many women and minority groups 

Agenda/ outline of the event
The workshop will involve group exercises, personal reflection and guest speakers focusing on how to be an Inclusive Leader:

  • With your direct reports
  • Within your teams
  • Within your organisation

Light lunch /tea and coffee 

Target delegates are Mid-Senior People Managers from BITC Gender Campaign Champion Partner organisations. 

Please note, the programme is exclusively open to Champion Partners of Business in the Community’s Gender Equality Campaign. There are no costs associated, but participation of up to 2 delegates will use 1 day of your annual 5 day’s advisory time allowance. 

Contact for further information and booking 
Patricia Chinyoka. E:

Full joining instructions will be disclosed on booking.