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Recognising businesses which support SMEs to be more resilient, helping them prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies including natural catastrophes or cyber disruption.

Entries are now closed.  Any entries received after 5pm on Friday 17 February, will not be entered into this year's Responsible Business Awards.

The Barclays Building Stronger Business Award recognises companies that help small to medium sized businesses to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.  These may result from natural catastrophes such as flooding, civil unrest, economic or social upheaval, cyber disruption from crime or from modern challenges in a more digitally connected world.

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Disruptive events can happen anywhere and at any time, at work and at home. These events may relate to flooding, cyber disruption or economic/social upheaval or simply from challenges presented by a more digitally connected world. Helping small business owners to create resilience and recovery plans helps guarantee their future prosperity.

- Lee Webb,
Director Group Resilience, Barclays

Disruptions can happen at any time to businesses of any size. In 2016, the impact of one of the wettest winters on record is still being felt by thousands of small business owners in the north of England and Scotland. And in 2015, 74% of UK businesses reported a security breach, many of which cost businesses thousands of pounds in lost revenue. (Information Security Breaches Survey 2015, UK Government)

It has never been more important for UK businesses to engage with small to medium sized businesses on resilience by helping them to prepare, respond and recover.

  • Prepare - Whether a disruption affects family, staff and customers, supply chains, access to utilities or transport, helping businesses to take time to plan and prepare can save a time and money when something untoward happens.  

  • Respond and Recover –  Signposting to advice, providing practical support and following-up requests for help can help a business get back on their feet more quickly.

The Barclays Building Stronger Business Award will recognise projects or initiatives run by businesses that, in terms of both scale and longevity, are making a lasting positive impact on the resiliency of small to medium sized businesses with which they operate and on which they rely for future prosperity.

This award celebrates companies that lead by creating accessible opportunities, training, tools and resources for enhancing the resilience of businesses.


Successful applicants will clearly demonstrate the following elements of quality resilience programmes or initiatives:

  • Programmes and initiatives result in greater resilience for small to medium sized businesses;

  • Programmes and initiatives have been scaled up to support a number of small to medium sized businesses, tackle a number of key risks, and / or areas across the UK;

  • Long-term commitment from both the business and the small to medium sized business(es), evolving the relationship appropriately;

  • Real positive benefits articulated by both the business and small to medium sized business(es);

  • We welcome applications that are targeted on a particular issue such as cyber or flooding, and those that take a more holistic approach to engagement on resilience with small to medium sized businesses.


  • This category is open to all members of Business in the Community (BITC) and any non-member private sector company.

  • The business should be entering for a programme that goes above and beyond the core purpose of the business.

  • The entry should focus on impact achieved in the UK.

  • Businesses of any size can enter and will have an equal chance of winning as entries will be assessed against the scoring guide and not against each other.

  • We recognise that due to the nature of resilience programmes/initiatives, the impacts realised tend to be long-term and can be difficult to evidence in the early years. Accordingly, we recommend that applicants entering this award have at least a one-year track record of measuring the benefits for the small to medium sized businesses. Programmes and initiatives with a shorter track record may still apply but an inability to evidence longer term impacts may make them less competitive against other entries.

  • For more details, please contact Joseph Tabone on or 07943812078

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