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Recognising business initiatives that power opportunities to deliver long term social and economic benefits to their communities through the investment of time, money, skills and resources.

Please note: the deadline for all Award submissions has been extended to 5pm GMT on Friday 17 February 2017.

An estimated £39bn per year is lost to the UK economy by the social costs of inequality (The Cost of Equality, The Equality Trust). The consequences of this are far reaching, with consequences of inequalities including reduced life expectancy, higher levels of debt particularly amongst vulnerable groups, higher rates of illness including mental illness, and higher levels of crime.

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Giving back to the local community has long been part of the fabric of Experian’s culture. Our people are passionate about making a difference to those who most need our help. That’s the very reason why it feels right for us to sponsor ‘The Experian Building Stronger Communities Award’, to recognise organisations which lead sustainable programmes that positively impact their own communities. I hope the great examples this award yields will act as a showcase for the tremendous impact businesses can have and will inspire others to follow suit.

- Chris Clark,
Managing Director, Experian UK&I

Often efforts to tackle these problems focus on the symptoms rather than root causes. This can be expensive and fails to look at preventing problems in the first place, rather than keep on dealing with the consequences.

The Experian Building Stronger Communities Award recognises projects or initiatives run by businesses that play an active part in the social and economic regeneration of communities, and which, in terms of both scale and longevity, are making a lasting positive impact on the key and often complex issues facing the communities in which they operate.

This award is sponsored by Experian as a recognition for the important work of Sir John Peace, one of the company's founders, in championing community leadership during his time as Chairman of the business.  A longstanding Business in the Community supporter, Sir John places great emphasis on businesses and communities working in partnership to make a sustainable difference to peoples’ lives, investing time, money, skills and resources.


Successful applicants will clearly demonstrate that the business’ project/activity:

  • tackles a social issue in the community in which it operates;

  • delivers social value, particularly social and economic benefits to the community;

  • delivers benefits back to the business;

  • has a working partnership with the community to leverage their combined expertise;

  • goes above and beyond what the business is required to do as a result of legal/statutory requirements and/or regulatory requirements.


  • This category is open to all members of Business in the Community (BITC) and any non-member private sector business that has a presence in the UK.

  • The business should be entering for a project/activity that goes above and beyond the core purpose of the business.

  • Any size business can enter and will have an equal chance of winning as scale will be taken into consideration and assessed as relevant to your business’ operational scope.

  • We recognise that due to the nature of community projects, the impacts realised tend to be long-term and can be difficult to evidence in the early years. Accordingly, we recommend that applicants entering this award have at least a one-year track record of measuring the benefits for the community and the business. Projects with a shorter track record may still apply but an inability to evidence longer term impacts may make them less competitive against other entries.

Is another category more suitable for you to enter?

  • If your activities focus on supporting people into employment, please enter the Unipart Award for Outstanding Employment;

  • If your activities focus on partnerships with schools, please enter The UBS Award for Education;

  • If your activities focus on helping small businesses to be more resilient, prepare for, respond to and recover from disruptive events or circumstances beyond their control, please enter the Barclays Building Resilient Business Award.

  • If you want your company to be assessed and recognised for your whole community investment strategy, you should apply for the BITC CommunityMark.  The CommunityMark assessment is a 360-degree evaluation that recognises the innovators and leaders in community investment, with a process that supports businesses with developing an effective and mutually beneficial community investment programme. A dedicated advisor provides guidance on how to further strengthen the company’s Community Investment approach, covering all elements of good community investment.

    Please contact for more information or see the CommunityMark website.

If you are unsure which category to enter, please contact the Awards Team on

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