The Fujitsu Award for Responsible Business in the Digital Age

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Recognising companies delivering responsible business programmes and adapting activities in the face of digital innovation, and capitalising on digital opportunities through responsible business practice.

FujitsuPlease note: the deadline for all Award submissions has been extended to 5pm GMT on Friday 17 February 2017.

Technology is bringing unprecedented change; leading economists to predict that a century’s worth of progress will take place in the next decade alone. Digital innovation is rapidly creating new jobs, new business models and new high growth industries, with the potential to transform the world.

However, businesses are increasingly grappling with how they can manage the transition to this digital era and address the immediate and long-term complexities it presents, which are fundamentally changing how business and the world of work operate.

This pioneering award recognises business models, new technologies but also innovative practical solutions to reduce inequalities and improve livelihoods affected by digital transformation. It will recognise creative ways to provide new opportunities, create the jobs and workforces of the future to ensure everyone can benefit from the digital age. It will also recognise innovation that builds trust in business through transparent data solutions.


Approach to responsible business in the Digital Age

Entrants should demonstrate an attitude towards digital transformation that seizes opportunities to drive growth and prosperity for both industry and wider society. Assessors and judges will award the extent to which those practices are making an impact and they are integrated into your core business strategy. Your programme/ initiative will be assessed against the following criteria: strategy, innovation, leadership, brand/communication, risk mitigation / growth opportunities, governance / metrics and it can cover one or more of the following examples:

  • Job creation and securing the workforce of the future

    Entrants should provide concrete examples for the development of newly required skills in the workforce and successful strategies to provide opportunities for those in society at risk of falling behind. This could mean identifying approaches to downsizing, by minimising negative societal impact. Finding creative ways to support the current workforce in their transition or offering new pathways into employment through digital learning.

  • Business using data innovatively

    Responsible businesses innovatively using data, to benefit society, the environment and the economy. Those can be business practices that increase trust by placing fair handling of data and transparency at the heart of their value proposition.

  • Business models that have been transformed by digital or technological disruption

    Demonstrate how business models, which have been directly influenced or shaped by technological innovation, have led to the creation of new products or services that also protect people and planet.


  • This category is open to all private sector businesses.  

  • You should be entering for a programme that goes above and beyond the statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements of the business.  

  • The entry can provide examples achieved in the UK as well as internationally.  

  • Businesses of any size can enter and will have an equal chance of winning, as entries will be assessed against the scoring guide and not against each other. The scale of your impact will be considered proportionally to the size of your business.

  • This award is for every business that can demonstrate sustainable business solutions to mitigate the risks of digital transformation for people and planet.

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