BITC and AXA UK continue to build stronger communities

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Business in the Community (BITC) and AXA UK announce plans to help grow the responsible business movement further.

Business in the Community (BITC) is very pleased to announce plans for an ongoing, collaborative community development initiative alongside our long-standing partner AXA UK. BITC has been working with AXA UK since our foundation 40 years ago and we are delighted to build on our partnership to help grow the responsible business movement even further.

In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, AXA UK&I made a significant donation to BITC to support our work and became a founding member of the National Business Response Network, a network established to connect communities in need with businesses that can offer support. This relationship continues to grow through our collective desire and efforts to improve responsible business best practice and build stronger, healthier, inclusive futures for us all.

This year, AXA UK has committed to further support in addition to the provision of wellbeing services through a dedicated resource group offering expertise and skilled volunteering programs for people, communities and small businesses.

Collaboration through Skills Exchange

As BITC celebrates its 40th anniversary, we are proud to be working with one of our anniversary partners to help the communities we serve to navigate through these challenging times.

One area AXA UK will be contributing to is our Skills Exchange programme. This programme of activity will cover three core key areas: Wellbeing, Stronger Communities and small-medium enterprise (SMEs) support.

AXA UK aims to train 250 community leaders through the AXA Head Coaches programme, a youth-focused mental health initiative designed to help leaders in the community spot potential mental health issues and signpost to professional support.

Together, we want to help develop people’s skills and job readiness with an aim of supporting 10,000 people and helping 3,500 people secure new jobs.  AXA UK will tap into the knowledge, skills and expertise of its staff to help others through mentoring programmes.

For small businesses, that have faced a number of challenges over the last few years, we will work to connect the skills and experience of AXA’s team to run webinars on dedicated topics that will help support small businesses in specific areas, such as wellbeing in the workplace.

“The announcement of the latest stage of the partnership between BITC and AXA, namely a collaborative community development initiative, which will seek to help leaders in the community spot potential mental health issues and signpost to professional support, is exciting. Additionally, this partnership will support small businesses, job seekers and community organisations. It is the latest development which builds on their support of our 40th Anniversary this year, in what has grown into a very expansive relationship between our two organisations which truly drives positive impact against some of the biggest societal issues we face today. AXA are a great example of a company that leads and influences on the way business should act responsibly whilst going further and faster themselves with their own actions,” Nick Diamond, Executive Director, BITC.

“We are really pleased that our partnership with BITC has continued to grow throughout the pandemic and beyond. Our financial investment and professional support in the National Business Response Network helped to ensure the needs of local communities were met and we are proud to be a founding partner. We plan to put our volunteers to good use again this year through schemes such as job coaching, business mentoring and webinars and have set ambitious targets to really help make a difference to those around us,” Catherine Brunger, Corporate Responsibility Manager, AXA UK.