Building back better with pensions – how your business can be the necessary heroes

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Richard Curtis CBE on the huge potential for the trillions of pounds invested in UK pensions to build a better world. Richard alongside his film writing and directing career, is a United Nations advocate of the Global Goals and member of Business in the Community’s Advisory Board.

After the crisis of COVID-19, it’s time for us all to come together to build back better.

In my generation, people like me felt the way to change the world was through giving to charity. But now, people are asking, ‘what can I do through my own everyday actions to make an impact?’ We’ve seen this in the rise of Black Lives Matter, MeToo and Fridays for the Future. We’ve seen it in the choices people make about travel, the clothes they buy and the food they eat. We’ve seen it in the businesses people work for, the brands they associate with and even the TV shows they watch.

Now, we think we’re going to see it in where they put their money.

Because for too long, there’s been a disconnect between the money we save and the everyday decisions we make. That’s why we have vegans accidently invested in the meat industry, climate campaigners invested in fossil fuels, and scientists invested in tobacco.

“It’s time to find out what kind of world our pensions are building and make sure it’s one our employees actually want to retire into.”

So that’s why we’ve launched Make My Money Matter – a new campaign calling for us all to be able to align our pensions with our values. Because if we do this, we think we can help direct the £3 trillion invested in UK pensions1 to build a better world.

Business has a critical role to play here. Not only can you lead us in delivering the Global Goals through bold leadership, innovation and action. You also have another lever to build back better: your organisation’s workplace pension.

Almost every business offers their employees a pension. That’s why we’re calling on all businesses to commit to aligning their pensions with their values. And it’s fantastic that Business in the Community (BITC), as part of its work on wider responsible investment, is supporting Make My Money Matter by encouraging its members to make a pledge to invest their pensions responsibly.

It’s time to find out what kind of world our pensions are building and make sure it’s one our employees actually want to retire into.

With only ten years to go to deliver the Global Goals, we all have a role to play in creating a more just, resilient and sustainable world. Business is poised to lead us here, to be the necessary heroes. We hope you’ll join us.

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  1. What’s the Issue (2020); Make My Money Matter; available at

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