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UK PLC must urgently move from talk to action to tackle the climate crisis and create positive outcomes for communities, says Business in the Community Climate Action Director Gudrun Cartwright.

The UK is hosting COP26, the United Nations’ climate negotiations, in Glasgow this November. If the climate crisis is to be solved businesses need to commit to climate action. But what does that mean in practise? It is more than cutting plastic, having green champions, or even setting a net zero target. It’s about finding ways to create positive impacts for communities through your business’ plans. Although every step is important, to achieve the change that only businesses with their reach and influence can, we need scale, ambition and plans – climate positive action plans.

Why a climate positive action plan is for every business

At Business in the Community (BITC), our Challenge 2030 campaign aims to make the climate crisis history in the next decade through every business becoming climate positive. To achieve this businesses need to develop climate positive action plans. These should: 

  • have a climate resilience strategy as part of the plan. It should that assess the risks and opportunities of both the transition to net zero carbon and the impacts of climate breakdown on their business model. It should also embed plans to address them into business as usual
  • commit to increasing the speed at which the business will achieve net zero and align to Race to Zero where possible.
  • be developed and implemented with diverse stakeholders to make sure different perspectives are heard and positive outcomes for communities are delivered.

If you are a Business in the Community member you can download our Challenge 2030 Jargon Buster, an easy to understand guide to environmental terms. 

Businesses of all sizes should take two steps, one of which is being made mandatory by the UK government. BITC are supporting our members to take these two steps.

  1. Become a Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) supporter.

    This gives you the framework to review risks and opportunities to your company and get ahead of legislation that will impact all UK businesses in the next five years. This blog has more about when reporting climate-related risks will become mandatory in the UK.
  2. Declare a net zero carbon commitment, as close to 2030 as you can, aligning to a Race to Zero initiative if possible.

    It can be daunting to make a commitment that you don’t now how to achieve. But we are all in the same boat and need to find new ways to collaborate on shared challenges. Starting now will put you in good stead as policy responses ramp up after COP26.

What is current progress?

We know that many businesses are far from climate positive right now. Insights from BITC’s 2019/20 Responsible Business Tracker® Insights Report, showed that:

  • one third have assessed how climate change will impact their value chain’s ability to deliver core products and services
  • one fifth have set net zero carbon targets
  • one third have the resources in place to deliver. 

Recent analysis of our network showed that 24% of BITC’s members have now made net zero commitments, which is good to see, but the number is still too low. 

Getting started

A great first step is taking part in the Responsible Business Tracker®, a tool for measuring responsible business, which is included in BITC membership and enables you to assess your starting point and then measure progress. Our Advisory Services team can then help with:

  • understanding climate-related risks and opportunities for your business
  • creating your first climate action plan
  • measuring your carbon footprint
  • getting started on a net zero carbon pathway
  • preparing for TCFD reporting and benchmarking where you stand in relation to your peers.

Leading the way

If you are a BITC member who has already committed to climate action, this is great news. We would like you to help us start more companies on the journey by:

  • telling us about your commitments and the action you have taken so far so we can build a compelling picture of our network’s impact to share at COP and beyond
  • speaking to your customers and suppliers, asking them to commit.

Please share your actions and the responses you get with your Relationship Manager.

We understand that every business is at a different point on their journey to become climate positive. Join us in harnessing climate action to create new ways to build prosperity for businesses and communities. Talk to one of BITC’s expert team today to learn how membership can help you take your responsible business journey further and drive lasting change.


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