Would you be ready for a cyber attack?

Cyber attacks may not be on the top of your priority list, however, cyber-related incidents are more common than you think. We may think large businesses have all the requisite controls necessary to deal with a cyber disruption, yet businesses of all sizes are at risk. Moreover, small businesses do not always realise they can be the gateway to big businesses’ data loss.

Impacts of cyber attacks on small businesses can be particularly devastating: a breach could mean loss of reputation or contract, a GDPR fine or worse it could ultimately lead to small businesses becoming insolvent and going out of business. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses have robust cyber security measures in place to be prepared for a cyber breach and response and recovery plans should the worst occur.

Business in The Community (BITC) is challenging small businesses from every sector to take its free five-minute Readiness Test to help them gauge how vulnerable their business is across a range of disruptions. At the end of the test, businesses will receive downloadable advice with quick and easy tips to adopt, helping them to ensure that they’re prepared for a range of disruptions.

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