Recover: Helping your business recover from emergencies - offering advice and assistance on recovering from the effects of a crisis.

We offer advice and assistance on recovering from the effects of a crisis.

Working through the UK’s local resilience arrangements, we help recovery by mobilising its network to deliver support to local businesses who have been affected by major events. This support may be in the form of goods, services or advice to get businesses back on their feet.

This stage of the crisis can take many months.

Recovering from different emergencies

Flooding and extreme weather

A guide to resistant and resilient repair after a flood from the Association of British Insurers (ABI). If you have suffered a flood you will know how devastating and distressing it is. Read the guide here.

National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum has put together some great advice for before, during and after flooding. Download the pack here.

Further Information


To help with your insurance, you need to establish communication with the team dealing with your insurance claim as soon as possible and let them know what has happened.

Loss Adjusters

Loss Adjusters are there to help you. Policyholders can appoint their own Chartered Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf in connection with both commercial and domestic claims.  The Loss Adjuster you appoint will look after your interests as the claim proceeds and prepare the claim and negotiate settlement on your behalf.
You can find out more at the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross doesn’t just provide relief in the aftermath of a disaster, they stay on long after to help communities recover.

Advice and support

Never underestimate the emotional stress on individual people and families who are impacted by a crisis. The psychological stress can be huge - people deal with loss in different ways and some will not use the support mechanisms available to help them cope.


The Samaritans has a team of volunteers trained to provide emotional support in response to an emergency. If you are struggling to cope in the aftermath of a major incident or going through a personal crisis they can be of immense help.