About the programme

The Business Connector programme increases the positive impact of business in local communities by harnessing the expertise and energy of business people to tackle local challenges.

The Business Connector model of long term business secondments is creating deeper and more effective relationships between business and communities. The knowledge, skills and relationships Business Connectors take back into their seconding company is also creating a shift in the culture of how business interacts with the community.

To date we have recruited 272 Business Connectors who have worked in 131 communities of greatest need across the country.

Previously we may have sent our potential leaders to Harvard or INSEAD, but now if people want to be a senior leader in Fujitsu, I will be asking 'have they been a Business Connector?'

- Duncan Tait,
CEO, EVP and Head of EMEIA at Fujitsu

Transforming business

The Business Connector programme has highly visible benefits for: seconding organisations, Business Connectors and the local businesses they connect with in the community.

  • Almost half of the businesses providing support to communities feel that the presence of a Business Connector has enhanced the value of the support they provided.

  • Seconding companies have opted to locate Business Connectors in areas where they are opening a new workplace to engage with their potential workforce.  There has also been evidence from retail and banking Connectors that performance of the local branch has increased as the business gains a unique understanding of their customers.

  • Business and civil service organisations are staggered by the professional and personal development they see in their employees who go on secondment.

Transforming communitiesBusiness Connector planter

The programme has shown real positive impacts for the communities in which Business Connectors operate. As a result of receiving support, over two thirds of community recipients (e.g. Charities, schools, youth groups etc) have increased the quantity or quality of the services they provide. So far through the programme £45.4 million has been leveraged to support communities.

Our ambitions

  • Recruit and support Business Connectors to work in over 200 disadvantaged areas.

  • Generate new levels of ongoing support and connectivity in local areas of greatest need, supporting up to 3,000 community organisations by year five of the project.

  • Create a powerful alumni group who will champion the concept of business and community working hand in hand for a sustainable future.