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Delegates meet at Business Connectors event

Quite often it is the small process of understanding needs and looking at what companies can offer and linking them up that can make large differences to both parties, often on a long term basis. And just as often, as we have seen in Waitrose, it is the business that benefits as much as the community.

- Helen Hyde,
Personnel Director at Waitrose
The experience of being a Business Connector provides a unique opportunity for business people to embed into a local area – developing skills, behaviours and knowledge that can change the way businesses and communities interact and benefit each other.

To date 52 private and public sector organisations have seconded their most talented employees as Business Connectors. The benefits to business include:

  • Commerical performance can increase as a result of gaining new market insights
  • Employees develop core business skills and develop new ones
  • Brand and reputational value are built
  • Organisations enjoy greater access to networks across sectors
  • Employee engagement levels increase on returning from secondments

Watch our film, which offers a powerful account of the commercial and social value gained by four companies who have seconded Business Connectors:

Read accounts from Business Connectors and seconding organisations:

The business case: M&S

Malcolm Heaven, Mike Barry and Avril Jones
Business Connectors create "a deeper understanding of our customers and what matters to them."

The business case: Greggs

Greggs staff and Business Connectors
Why have Greggs seconded eleven Business Connectors? The company's CEO and People Director explain.


Work in disadvantaged communities across the country and create sustainable partnerships between the business,voluntary and community sectors at local level.

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Pauline Purves
Senior Business Relationship Manager, Business Connectors



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