Community investment resource bank

Business in the Community advises and supports businesses to create and implement effective Community Investment strategies that works for their business. On this page Business in the Community members can access resources to develop and strengthen their organisation's Community Investment programme.

Businesses have an impact on the communities in which they operate. These impacts are a result of the decisions made across all their different business operations. Community investment is a way of maximising the positive and minimising the negative aspects of that impact, by prioritising the most pressing, business-relevant issues in the community, and making a measurable difference to them. At the same time, investing in communities can have positive results in the business, whether through employee engagement, recruitment/retention, brand/reputation enhancement, product development or a host of other business drivers.

On this page members of BITC can access resources to develop and strengthen their organisation's community investment programme. If you can not see details of the resources below, you will need to log in as a member of Business in the Community.

Members and non-members can access case studies on current CommunityMark holders for real examples of how businesses have developed integrated and strategic approaches to community investment.


The CommunityMark is the UK's only national standard that publically recognises leadership and excellence in community investment. The CommunityMark process involves a rigorous independent assessment of the way a business invests in and works with its local communities, including scrutiny by its employees and community partners.

To find out more about the CommunityMark process and additional support that BITC offers businesses striving for excellence in community investment, visit the CommunityMark webpage.