Skills Based Volunteering

Employee volunteering, where staff donate time and skills during work hours to tackle local social issues, is an effective and powerful way for businesses to invest in their people and local communities.

We offer a range of volunteering programmes to inspire companies to work together to tackle key social issues. Our vision is to make employee volunteering normal practise within business.

We aim to ensure that employee volunteering happens in the areas most in need and is focussed on our key impact areas of Education, Employment and Enterprise. BITC can support with a year-long strategic employee volunteering package organised by sophistication and/or social issue, as well as with one-off practical or skills based team challenges.

What we offer


Our programmes are designed to deliver measurable benefits to the local community and are delivered through our network of regional offices across the UK.

This means action is taken on the most important issues locally and in the communities with the greatest needs.

  • Give & Gain - a global celebration of the on-going support provided by businesses through employee volunteers across the year,

  • ENGAGE Key Cities - an international network of employee community engagement projects run in 35 cities internationally

Taking action on employment:

  • Ready for work - business involvement to support some of society's most disadvantaged people to enter employment

Taking action on enterprise:

  • arc - connects social enterprises with big businesses


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