Supply chain

A rapidly changing world and increasingly volatile operating environments mean that building sustainable supply chains is more important than ever if companies are to succeed in the long term.

Companies need to take an approach that goes beyond basic risk management and compliance in order to build sustainability into supply chains.  They need to integrate  environmental, social and economic criteria into decisions through the procurement lifecycle.  By doing this, they open up a wide range of new opportunities.

How can companies do this?

Positive engagement with suppliers, creating value through relationships, is a common feature of companies with more sustainable supply chains. These companies address suppliers on their own terms, seeking to understand their context and challenges.

Some of the actions companies have taken to engage with suppliers include:

  1. Uncovering root causes of supplier issues and challenges

  2. Joint problem solving

  3. Building long term relationships

  4. Treating suppliers as innovation partners

Latest publication

Our publication, What is the size of the prize? Building resilient supply chains fit for the future describes the wide range of processes involved in achieving sustainable supply chains, and shows how responsiveness to a variety of situations and changing global contexts is required.

Through case studies, the publication answers the questions:

  • Why is it worthwhile for companies to create sustainable supply chains?
  • How have leading companies done this effectively?

A comprehensive resources section includes a getting started toolkit, technical guides and list of useful organisations.

Download What is the size of the prize? Building resilient supply chains fit for the future


Bespoke Support

We work closely with companies to design sustainable procurement solutions that deliver profitable sustainable growth, increased supply chain security and supply chain efficiencies.

We have particular experience in the development and review of:

  • Sustainable procurement strategies
  • Supplier selection and management processes
  • Supplier performance reporting

Find out more on the Advisory services webpages, or call the Advisory services team on 0207 566 8650.

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