Business Priority 1: Action Three-Enable better choices

Develop solutions that help people to make more informed decisions about their health, education and finances


Citymapper – Simplifying Multi-mode Journey Planning
Citymapper is a smartphone app that provides journey planning information in a comprehensive and intuitive way. Developed in London and launched in 2012, the app uses transport data released by the UK government and Greater London Authority. By integrating multiple sources of data on London transport, Citymapper provides its users with the best view of how to travel to their destination. The app combines information on different transport modes (bus, tube, taxi, walking, cycling) and factors (prices, journey duration, real-time delays, weather, and calorie burn) – understanding that people make travel decisions based on the whole journey. The app is well-received with an estimated 50% of iPhones registered in London having downloaded it.


Betterment – Removing Human Volatility from Investments
Betterment is an automated investing service that helps investors reach long-term goals by understanding and reacting to their customers’ behaviour. Their aim is to minimise the ‘behaviour gap,’ or losses that result from human investors taking short-sighted actions. Betterment’s dashboard hides a portfolio’s daily performance, knowing that the human tendency is to overreact to volatility. This approach has created an ongoing journey with Betterment’s customers that follows an investor’s goals, monitors progress toward those goals, and guides decision-making needed to stay on track. Recently compared to S&P Index Funds, Betterment was found to have higher performance for customers.


Scottish Enterprise – SME Partnerships to Solve Community Issues
Scottish Enterprise has developed a model to involve local businesses in solving local community challenges through digital technology. Companies are invited to develop potential solutions, working collaboratively with the public sector and drawing on public data. The approach provides an opportunity for companies to engage on local issues and enables the public sector to draw on leading talent and expertise, resulting in a better and more efficient solution to a community issue.