Business Priority 1: Action One-Simplify Data Challenges

Make data sharing and privacy clear and visible from the start.


Datacoup Empowering People to Control their Data
Datacoup enables people to take control of their data by collecting their online and offline information in one location. Users can monitor and analyse their data through the Datacoup dashboard, making money from selling data on their own terms to third parties. In 2014, Datacoup was paying approximately 1,500 users during their beta trial period, all of whom were paid up to £6.50. Users can consolidate a wide variety of information in their Datacoup account, including their financial data, demographic data, and data from their accounts with social networking sites.

Evernote-Simple Terms of Service
Evernote, a note-saving app, has summarised how it will use its customers’ data as three easily understandable rules. The rules are displayed at the top of their terms of service, ensuring that all users read and understand how their data will be used, and what their rights are. The full terms of service, while lengthy, are also written in plain English in a question and answer format, making it easy for customers to find more detail should they wish to. Evernote is widely used, with 200 million users worldwide.

Guerilla-Smart Approach to Collect Minimum Customer Data
Guerillaa digital design agency based in Australia, developed a smart approach to identify and collect only the minimum customer data required to identify a customer’s issues. Using conversational artificial intelligence techniques, customers can enter free-form data about their issue and the technology automatically identifies the key issues. The company also makes it clear to customers how the data will be used.

Karamba Security-Preventing Vehicle Hacking
Karamba Security developed Autonomous Security which mitigates a key challenge of vehicle OEMs and Tier-1 providers - ensuring the safety of connected and autonomous vehicles in the face of the increasing internet connectivity.  Connectivity multiplies threat vectors and increases vulnerability, exposing vehicles and sensitive data to hackers. Autonomous Security automatically hardens externally-connected electronic control units to factory settings, preventing hacker infiltration with zero false positives that mistakenly block legitimate vehicle commands and introduce safety risks. Because Karamba’s cybersecurity policy is based on factory settings and does not rely on malware signatures, it prevents attacks without any need for new malware signature updates regardless of connectivity. Karamba’s innovative approach was recognised as unique and suitable to the industry’s intolerance to false positives in receiving Frost & Sullivan’s Most Innovative Product Award for the Automotive Industry in 2017.

Sedicii-Protecting Consumers & Businesses Online
Sedicii has developed a technology designed to make consumers and businesses safer online. This technology was patented based on the “Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol” that eliminates the transmission, storage and exposure of private user data during authentication or identity verification. This reduces identity theft, impersonation and any fraud resulting from the identity theft. In this way the system will allow users to manage which sites hold information about their identity. Since their launch, the start-up has been internationally recognised with numerous awards, with major businesses identifying the potential for the technology.

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