Business Priority 3: Action Two-Promote sustainable consumption

Transition to new business models that cut waste and increase asset productivity.​


Bulb – Promoting Affordable Renewable Energy
is a young UK-based start-up disrupting the energy market by providing customers with affordable renewable energy. Bulb offers one tariff for electricity and gas, supplying 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas, at low prices. Bulb has a growing community of members who use Bulb’s forum to help each other out with energy questions. This reduces the need for customer services, making the experience feel more engaging and creating efficiencies.

Cisco – Takeback and Recycle Programme
 offers its customers several product return programmes that are part of Cisco's Circular Economy initiative. These return programmes provide no-cost, environmentally sound disposition of used, Cisco products that have reached the end of their initial lifetime. Customers use a web form or mobile app to request a pickup. Cisco pays for all shipping and processing at eStewards- or R2-certified recyclers. Some of the returned equipment is refurbished and reused. Of the product shipments sent to Cisco's recyclers, nearly 100% is recycled. Separated commodity fractions are sold into the worldwide material markets for further processing and eventual re-sale and reuse. During 2016, Cisco refurbished, reused, or recycled about 12,600 metric tonne of products.

Peerby – Online Product Sharing Community
Peerby is a sharing platform, which allows their 250,000 users to rent and borrow one billion dollars’ worth of products made available on the site. Peerby was the first to find a way to create a liquid marketplace for borrowing these items and is now developing a scalable model for peer-to-peer rental. Its members save an average of $100 when they borrow or rent and owners make up to $500 per month renting out their products. The Peerby platform reduces the impact of consumer products by millions of tons of waste, carbon emission, and use of natural resources every year.

Watersmart – Reducing Water Consumption Through Analytics
WaterSmart Software is a big data and cloud computing company providing solutions for water utilities. It uses behavioural psychology and mobile and online tools to help water utilities educate and engage customers to save water and money. Utilities’ customers can get notifications about potential leaks and receive recommendations on how to reduce their usage through an application platform. Recently deployed to achieve a 2% water usage reduction in Oakland, WaterSmart led a 5% reduction, resulting in wider rollout.


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