Business Priority 4: Actions One, Two, Three

Action one - Empower Suppliers

Provide digital solutions and training to achieve minimum social and environmental standards across the value chain. 

Unilever's 'Marcatus Mobile Platform (MMEP)
Unilever's 'Marcatus Mobile Platform (MMEP) is a collaboration between Unilever, Oxfam and the Ford Foundation to train smallholder farmers in rural areas.  63% have adopted the group video screenings, achieving increases of 20% in average yields and 24% in net income. 


Action Two - Click Green

Minimise the environmental impact of operations, committing to 100% renewable energy and zero e-waste.

Renault's Circular Supply Chain
Renault operates a circular supply chain, with its projects and components re-manufactured, repaired or refurbished at their end of life, enabled by IT tools that keep track of products.  Renault has reduced energy use by 80%, use 88% less water and 92% less chemical products.


Action 3 - Track, Trace and Resolve

Use digital technology to address corruption, exploitation and environmental harm.

Blockverify Piloting Solutions to Prevent Counterfeiting 
Blockverify is a London based start-up that uses technology to track, record, and verify products in a way that is permanently  logged in the blockchain and cannot be counterfieted or compromised.  Blockverify has been piloting solutions with pharmaceutical and beauty companies. 



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