Good Work for All: Enabling change

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We have identified some key areas to enable change in your business. 
Strong leadership is required to improve the quality of low-paid work and create a business environment that incentivises action.
  • Establish a vision for good work and set out a clear strategy, championed by senior leaders   
  • Ensure senior management understand the challenges facing your lowest-paid workers
  • Model good practice to influence the UK labour market 


Workforce insights can be gathered from HR data and listening to employees to identify the changes that would have the greatest impact for those on low incomes.  
  • Analyse pay and job roles to identify where people are more likely to be ‘stuck’ in low-paid roles
  • Understand take-up of benefit packages, training, progression opportunities and other support measures among your lowest-paid workers
  • Actively seek input from low-paid employees when developing any new initiatives
Effective communications and line management are vital tools which enable employees to understand and take up opportunities to improve their quality of life.
  • Equip line managers to have regular conversations about pay, job security and structure and progression
  • Include staff development and retention as part of your standard performance measures
  • Use a range of communications channels and formats to reach all staff, making use of relatable role models
  • Create a culture where employees facing financial difficulties feel able to ask for support