Join the Reducing Re-offending Network

The Reducing Re-offending through Employment Network was established in 2012 by Walgreen Boots Alliance to increase the opportunities available for ex-offenders to move into sustainable employment.


Why join the Reducing Reoffending through Employment Network?

The Reducing Reoffending through Employment Network supports employers to reduce reoffending through improving employability and directly employing ex-offenders.

Joining the network gives you access to the experience and peer support of other organisations working to reduce reoffending.

Vision: To create a second chance for people with criminal convictions to become valued employees.

Mission: To make job opportunities equally accessible to people with criminal convictions.

For members in Scotland we are providing support through Release Scotland.

Network members receive:

  • Invitations for themselves, colleagues and suppliers to attend two prison visits each year.

  • Opportunities to explore new activity and share good practice at two network meetings each year.

  • Support to take action on at least one of the pathways to reduce re-offending through employment, including introductions to prisons, social enterprises and charities.

  • Quarterly newsletter with partnership opportunities, events, news and more.

  • The chance to help develop resources and toolkits to help reduce reoffending.

  • A chance to collectively measure and report on progress against business objectives.


Network members: