Support for people with convictions

Through Ban the Box we hope to change the way employers recruit so that more people with criminal convictions have the opportunity to compete for employment.

We cannot, however, offer one-to-one support to individuals with unspent convictions.

Accessing support

If you have a criminal conviction and are unsure how to tell an existing or future employer, then read our guide and top tips about how to tell an employer about your criminal convictions.

We cannot offer tailored advice and guidance to ex-offenders, but there are organisations that can:

We want to learn from you and your experiences

Tell us about the challenges you face when seeking work. This will help to highlight where problems are occurring. We will use this information to campaign to employers about the things that matter to you.

We are not able to ask employers about a specific, unsuccessful application or provide 1:1 support to individuals with unspent convictions who are seeking employment.