Future Proof

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Young People

With the world of work changing rapidly, employers need an open and accessible approach to employment that is fit for the next generation. Make sure your recruitment processes are transparent and attractive to young people, no matter what their background or experience. Ensure that you offer good jobs with opportunities for development and clear progression pathways that will help your business drive innovation and connect with a diverse future customer base.

Young people who experience just four or more memorable interactions with an employer are five times less likely to become NEET (not in education, employment or training) than those who do not. With one in three young people finding applying for jobs difficult, and one in five saying a bad process had put them off the company they applied to; poor recruitment is not just damaging young people but also the reputation of employers. 

How to attract, retain and develop young people

Working with leading UK employers Business in the Community have created the Youth Employment Framework for businesses, a long-term strategic approach for attracting and retaining young talent. Based on the three elements of employment, Inspire, Hire, Grow; our practical framework brings everything together in one place, connecting your workforce planning with a young person’s journey from the schoolroom to the boardroom.

Created as part of our Future Proof campaign, backed by the City & Guilds Group, our resources aim to break down barriers in recruitment and create quality accessible jobs for all young people. They include practical toolkits and factsheets to help you to identify the key steps you need to take to support young people to make their careers in your business.

Businesses can inspire...

  • Create strong partnerships
  • Develop skills and build confidence 
  • Offer career exploration activities 
  • Offer work experience 

Businesses can hire...

  • Attract young diverse talent
  • Avoid jargon and technical language during the recruitment process
  • Focus on potential, not experience 
  • Offer apprenticeships
  • Provide a transparent recruitment process 

Businesses can grow...

  • Offer training, development and progression 
  • Provide youth friendly line-management
  • Run youth friendly inductions



Break down barriers in recruitment and create quality accessible jobs for all young people. Use our practical toolkits and factsheets to identify steps to support young people make their careers in your business.