About Ready for Work

Through Ready for Work, businesses support disadvantaged groups to gain and sustain employment, making a long-term difference to many people's lives.


The people we support face a varied number of challenges that exclude them from employment. Many have previously experienced homelessness or face the risk of eviction. Criminal convictions and a lack of qualifications, often stand in their way. Others have been in care, or are overcoming long-term unemployment. But they all have something in common - a strong desire to make a better life through work.

Programme structure

In 16 locations across the UK and Ireland, we engage businesses at each stage of the programme to give people the skills and experience they need to gain work:

Our achievements

  • Ready for Work has supported over 10,000 people since 2001.
  • Over 4,000 people have gained employment from the programme.
  • On average, 250 Ready for Work graduates move into employment each year
  • Currently 55% of our programme participants gain work following their placement
  • 78% of those that move into a job sustain work for over three months

And research has shown that it’s not just the individual that benefits - Ready for Work provides £3.12 in benefit to society for every £1 investedThis amounts to over £3.2m of benefit over 5 years for every one year's investment in the programme.

What we ask

We ask businesses to make a real difference to the lives of people who have experienced disadvantage. A route into employment, Ready for Work offers a lasting path out of social exclusion.

We ask businesses to join our existing network of 150 supporting organisations to provide training, work placements and volunteers to act as job coaches and buddies.

What we offer
Ready for Work is a tried and tested national model. We offer business practical opportunities to get involved, a national infrastructure and support to seriously tackle the issues affecting their communities.

Plus, there are proven businesses benefits too.  Ready for Work provides opportunities for personal and professional development for employee volunteers, cost-effective recruitment and stronger links with the local community.

Of Ready for Work volunteers

  • 88% reported increased relationship building skills
  • 74% reported increased job satisfaction
  • 88% reported increased awareness of diversity