Job Coaching

Job coaching is core to the post-placement support that Ready to Work offers. Job coaches provide vital one-to-one support and motivation that helps people make the final steps into sustained employment.
  • Provides support and advice
  • Helps with CVs and interviews
  • Helps them to build their confidence and emotional resilience

How you can get involved
Your business can get involved by offering the opportunity to job coach to your employees.  This opportunity can form part of their employee volunteering activity or an element of their learning and development programme.

Your commitment
All job coaches receive one day’s training. The training provides coaching tools and resources as well as information about the challenges faced by Ready for Work participants.
Job coaches commit to meeting their coachee regularly, during work time, over a period of approximately 6 months.

What this means for you
Of Ready for Work volunteers:

  • 88% reported increased relationship building skills
  • 74% reported increased job satisfaction
  • 96% reported increased awareness of wider social issues

Your employees will need communication skills, empathy and dedication to become a job coach. Through supporting their coachee, they will be able to develop these skills further, whilst helping people into sustained employment.

Julia’s experience of job coaching

Julia, Head of Global Sourcing Category Management at Carillion, had previously coached children but found job coaching for Ready for Work to be the “most fulfilling” voluntary role she had experienced.To begin with, job coaching was a challenge – Julia’s coachee, Neil, had never been in work and was from a very different background. But once they began to understand each other and found a way to work together, their relationship went from strength to strength.
Julia helped Neil to build confidence in his skills and harness his strong desire to work. After just a short time, Neil found a job with Julia’s help. They continue to keep in touch to make sure that Neil has the support he needs to really make a success of his new job.


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