Resource Productivity & Circular Economy

a more cirular approach would increase resource productivity by 3%

Our Circular Economy and Resource Productivity campaign is accelerating the transition to a circular economy. 

The Circular Office initiative brings businesses together to learn, share, and try out new ideas towards greater circularity in their offices – seeking to retain the value of materials by keeping them in circulation and eliminating waste. Opportunities range from refurbishing and reusing office furniture and equipment, to reducing and recycling food and packaging, and achieving greater resource circularity in the design and refurbishment/repurposing of offices.

Commit to being a Circular Office Champion

  • Take at least one step towards greater circularity in your workplace
  • Champion the campaign with at least one supplier or customer
  • Share your learning with our network

Read more in our Circular Office factsheet


A still from a video. A man stands talking with his back against a wall

Andrew Bester, CEO of The Co-operative Bank and Chair of Business in the Community's Circular Economy Taskforce speaks of why the office is the perfect place to put the principles of the circular economy into practice.



Read the results of a consultation with BITC’s Circular Economy Taskforce on opportunities for the UK to take a leading global role in resource productivity and move to a circular economy

Waste to Wealth Summit November 2018 - Panel discussion

Thomas Moore, Science Correspondent, Sky News chairs a discussion on the circular economy.
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Tin can metamorphising into a pile of coins= Waste to Wealth

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Its time to stop throwing our future away

We have just 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. We must make the most out of precious resources, waste as little as possible and find ways of turning the waste we do create into new wealth.

Join us and make the commitment to change

Circular Economy Taskforce

The Circular Economy Taskforce are delivering a high impact programme to bring the circular economy to life.

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Libby Sandbrook,
Head of Circular Economy