Water & Healthy Ecosystems

Business in the Community is working with business to reduce risk and improve the health of water, soil and biodiversity within their supply chain.

We are developing a new model for cities that provides green and blue spaces for people and the environment and support ways to reduce, re-use and recycle water and wastewater to create new business opportunities and address shared issues.

Join the Water Taskforce to collaborate with other businesses to address shared water and the natural environment problems. 

Business in the Community's water programme has three pillars of work: healthy ecosystems, resilience and circular economy. These work areas are built on a foundation of enablers, provided by the Water Taskforce.

In the last three years, the work of the Water Taskforce has leveraged £0.5million towards collaborative campaigns such as healthy ecosystems, FOGs and SuDS. These projects have addressed challenging environmental issues that impact across sectors. Through action research the Water Taskforce projects have identified that cross cutting themes such as innovative financing mechanisms, digital and skills are integral to overcoming environmental challenges that will achieve positive social change.

Business leaders on a Seeing is Believing visit about water management

Water Taskforce Strategy 2018-2021

Read how the Water Taskforce will deliver increased resilience of urban and rural landscapes, that protect natural assets, support wellbeing and help climate proof community and business assets.

Water Resilience

Water Resilient Cities

Find out more about the business case for investing in water resilience in Greater Manchester

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Visit our Water & Healthy Ecosystems resource page for information on how to improve the health of soil, water and habitats within your supply chain.

Its time to stop throwing our future away

We have just 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. We must make the most out of precious resources, waste as little as possible and find ways of turning the waste we do create into new wealth.

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Water Taskforce

The Water Taskforce is a cross sectoral group that convenes to collaborate around shared problems on water and the natural environment.


Rachel Dyson, Head of Water (JS)
E: Rachel.Dyson@bitc.org.uk

Allan Simpson, Head of Water (JS)
E: Allan.Simpson@bitc.org.uk