Circular Economy Taskforce

Business in the Community’s Circular Economy Taskforce brings together a group of CEOs and other senior executives committed to delivering a high impact programme to bring the circular economy to life.
The Taskforce’s vision is for the UK to be at the heart of driving a new model of ‘smart’ economic growth that unleashes the opportunities the circular economy and resource productivity bring to
  • Drive innovation
  • Improve productivity and global competitiveness 
  • Create new skills and employment opportunities
  • Achieve broader societal and environmental benefits 
The Taskforce is drawing on the strength of the BITC network to implement a three-year action plan focused on leadership, collaboration and practical action, and centred around three core areas of activity 
  • Raising awareness and inspiring action
  • Building a programme of practical collaborative action and innovation
  • Focused initially on the ‘Circular Office’ initiative which brings businesses together to learn, share, and try out new ideas towards greater circularity in their offices. 
  • Promoting the policy frameworks and support needed to unleash opportunities

If you would like more information about the Taskforce please contact Libby Sandbrook, Head of Circular Economy

Members of the Circular Economy Taskforce
Andrew Bester Andrew Bester
Chair, Business in the Community Circular Economy Taskforce 
CEO  The Co-operative Bank
Dan Cooke Dan Cooke
Director of Regulatory Affairs, Viridor
Adrian Edmondson

Robert Edmondson
Managing Director, Amey



Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards
Director, Recycling Lives


Yvette Edwards Yvette Edwards 
Communications and Sustainable Business Director, Unilever
Richard Ellis Richard Ellis
Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walgreens Boot Alliance
Marcus Gover

Dr Marcus Gover
Chief Executive, Wrap

Paco Hevia

Paco Hevia
Technical Director, Amey Environmental Services

Debbie Hitchens Debbie Hitchen
Director, Antitheis
Emma Hoskyn Emma Hoskyn
Acting UK Head of Sustainability and Director, Upstream Sustainability Services
Catherine Horsfall Catherine Horsfall
Marketing Director, UKIME, Interface
Emma Howard Boyd Emma Howard Boyd
Chair, Environment Agency
Richard Kirkman Richard Kirkman
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Veolia
Geoff Lane Geoff Lane
Partner, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC
Carol Lemmens Carol Lemmens
Director, Global Advisory Services Business Leader, Arup 
Grey graphic outline of a person Chris Sheppard
Group Chief Executive, European Metal Recycling
Peter Simpson Peter Simpson
Managing Director, AWS & Chief Executive, Anglian Water Group
Rebekah Wallis Rebekah Wallis
Director, People & CR, Ricoh