Alistair Murray

Chief Executive Officer, Trustify, 
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Over the last 25 years Alistair has amassed considerable experience in developing and commercializing Cyber Security products and services with global technology brands in the UK, EMEA, North America and Asia-Pacific. His deep understanding of how Identity and Trust technologies underpin Digital Transformation is leading a number of security service innovations designed to solve the Simple Cyber Risks that are continuing to threaten SMEs with data breaches and business interruption.

Alistair joined the Business in the Community and BERG leadership team because he strongly believes in the power of community to drive lasting change. As the African proverb goes: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, it also takes a village, or businesses working together under the BITC umbrella, to raise cyber awareness and make society and organisations more cyber resilient. Alistair is passionate about helping organisations secure and insure against cyberthreats and protect their data, brands and privacy. He believes that there can be no digital transformation without security. Security plus Identity equals Trust.

Doing business in the 21st digitised century is all about trust, Digital Trust. Once that’s interrupted because of a cyber attack, it has a knock-on effect on society and the communities we live and work in, whereas secure and responsible businesses lead to more prosperous societies. BITC and BERG provide the perfect platform to collaboratively drive cyber awareness initiatives so businesses can simply focus on what they do best and thrive.