Arif Jiwany

Head of Employee Health and Wellbeing, GlaxoSmithKline, 
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Arif qualified in medicine in 1994 and completed his specialist training in General Practice in 1998. He worked full time in NHS General Practice until 2001, and then began his career in Occupational Medicine. At that time, Arif was introduced to the concept of Coaching & NLP, which led to further training in both areas and has remained a strong underpinning influence in his career and daily work.
Until 2016, Arif continued to practice in both areas of medicine; as a GP in the NHS and as an Occupational Health Consultant within private industry. During that time, he also built up his skills working as a Coach/Trainer delivering several assignments across a number of private and public-sector organisations.
Arif has been at GSK for 13 years and has been in his current role for four years. Apart from being responsible for the day to day running of the in-house Occupational Health service to GSK’s 15 000 UK based staff, he is also responsible for the implementation and evolution of several global health and wellbeing initiatives.