Heather Bentley

Vice President - Global Premium Support, Symantec Corporation, 
Heather leads Symantec’s global Premium Support organization.  As a leader in cybersecurity, her team is on the front line to help Symantec’s Enterprise customer base stay current on emerging threats and up to date on security best practices.  Her team puts into practice Symantec’s mission to “make the world a safer place”.  This is done with a relentless focus on the customer to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful on the bumpy road that is security.
Heather has been with Symantec UK for the last 10 years, holding various EMEA level customer facing positions prior to her current role. She began her career in the US in technical and customer focused roles.  She enjoys working with multicultural teams and works hard to build inclusive groups that reflect the global landscape.
Outside of cybersecurity, Heather has a passion STEM education.  She is particularly interested in ensuring the next generation is prepared for the digital world.  Working for a global security organization provides Heather the opportunity to share this insight with others.  She has been involved with BITC projects in education with Symantec prior to joining the advisory board.
Outside of the fast paced security world, Heather enjoys travel and being outdoors.