Lynsey Holley-Matthews

Marketing & Responsible Business Manager, Jehu Group, 
A woman stands on some scaffolding
Lynsey is responsible for the management and on-going development of Jehu Group’s marketing and Responsible Business Strategy. Lynsey is involved from the start of each contract in order to manage the client partnerships for the delivery of RB projects and campaigns. Lynsey and her team explore and develop links within the business community, to generate future partners and investors.
Working with third sector, private sector and public-sector organisations they look to grow business networks and create sponsorship and funding opportunities in order to support these RB projects and campaigns.

Alongside her responsible business role, Lynsey also manages all PR and Marketing for Jehu Group, raising the profile of the organisation, building upon its strong brand and reputation. Lynsey is very passion about responsible business so being part of the Community Impact Leadership Team was a natural fit.
Lynsey recently won the IoD Wales Award for Director of the Year – CSR and was shortlisted for the UK finals.