Mark Simpson

Vice President of Central Retail Operations & Logistics, ASDA , 
BERG Member

Mark is Vice President of Central Retail Operations and Logistics at Asda.  He began his career with the company’s graduate training programme in 1996.  Starting on the shop floor, he held a number of positions, including Department Manager where he learned how retail units operate and how to lead teams in fast-paced environments.

Later, he moved on to run a number of stores as General Store Manager before taking his career in a different direction and moving to work in Head Office.  Mark has managed several functions across Finance, Productivity, Business Improvement and Corporate Strategy, before taking up his current position.  This has developed Mark’s expertise and knowledge of what makes a major retailer tick.

As Vice President of Central Retail Operations and Logistics, Mark leads teams that drive innovation and efficiency for both Asda store and logistics colleagues.  Key aspects of this are creating simpler store operations and efficiencies within the supply chain, to improve service and lower costs, which ultimately lead to increased satisfaction for Asda’s 12 million customers each week. 

In addition, Mark is the chair of Asda’s Incident Management Group (IMG) and a non-Executive Director for Foundation, a social inclusion charity.