Mike Still

Managing Director, UK & Ireland, Corporate Practice, Marsh, 
Business Emergency Recovery Group

Mike has 30 years of experience in the insurance and risk management industry and his specific areas of expertise include transport, food and beverage, construction and providing insurance and risk advice.

Marsh is a global leader in the provision of risk and insurance broking advice. The division has 26 regional offices representing SME, commercial, corporate and risk managed clients operating in the UK & Ireland and globally.

Mike is, or has been involved with, the following organisations: CBI Scotland Council, Young Presidents Organisation (past Scottish Chair), The Prince’s Trust Scotland Council, Entrepreneurial Scotland, Hyndshillend Farm Ltd, Quality Assurance Audit -Scotland, Business Emergency Resilience Group, Law at Work International, Business in the Community, Scottish North American Business Council, The Crerar Hotels Trust and The Edinburgh Merchant Company.

He has enabled a lot of the organisations he supports to flourish. Using his professional skills and personal commitment, he engages others and promotes and demonstrates collaborative working.

He is Chair of BITC Scotland and a director/trustee of BITC as well as chair of the BERG group - leading BERG’s work in Scotland in collaboration with Business in the Community Scotland.  He was The Prince's Ambassador for Responsible Business in Scotland from June 2015 until 2017. Mike also links to the other ambassadors around the UK to support BERG as needed and is supporting the review of Rural with BITC and The Prince’s Countryside Fund.