Robert Edmondson

Managing Director, Amey, 
Adrian Edmondson
As Managing Director for Amey’s Environmental services business unit, Rob is responsible for the management of multi-location operations providing the recycling and treatment and disposal of waste throughout the UK.

With a dogged determination to promote the value of the circular economy by treating waste as a resource and commodity, since joining Amey Rob has developed and built new waste treatment facilities including North Yorkshire and Milton Keynes, which when operational will provide energy for local homes. Amey is at the forefront of innovative solutions and has been the first to bring together anaerobic digestion, mechanical treatment and energy from waste technologies on one site in the UK. It now operates three waste treatment facilities, with further plants in construction and planning phases, which Rob has personally spearheaded.

 Rob is also keen to promote global best practice and in conjunction with Amey’s parent company, Ferrovial Rob has employed global best practice through Centres of Excellence from across Europe, America and Australia – allowing the UK to learn and share with other countries.

Rob has both a deep passion for and understanding of the waste sector and the value it can bring at a national level, which he promotes through regular dialogue with industry bodies, regulators and legislators, including being a chartered member of the CIWM.