Samantha Schlimper

Head of Resourcing, Barclays, 
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Sam is Head of Resourcing for Barclays UK where she joined in March 2016. The strategy and vision for the resourcing function is based on a great candidate experience and ensuring the candidate gets value no matter what the outcome. This includes innovation on measures, workforce planning, customer journeys the creation of a pre-assessed workforce. Working with the internal talent, as well as inclusive channels leading to a diverse workforce is a key focus for the team. Prior to her move to London in 2016, Sam was Head of Resourcing for Barclays Africa where she led the team in Africa for just over 2 years focusing on reducing time to hire; streamlining and measuring customer processes; implementing an RPO model; reducing cost per hire and improving business satisfaction scores. 

In previous roles, Sam was the Head of Resourcing for Functions at Standard Bank and previously led the client and candidate account strategy at an executive search firm.  She also ran her own resourcing business focused on flexible working and outsourced solutions.

Sam is a wife and mum to 2 children. She is passionate about education being fit for purpose for a future workplace and our incredible children of a digital age.