Business in the Community Cymru Welsh Government SME of the Year 2019: Rhondda Housing Association

RHA responds to its clients’ needs with services above and beyond tenancy management. It endeavors to be a great housing association driving change in the area.

Rhondda Housing Association is the Welsh Government SME of the Year Award after winning the title at The Wales Responsible Business Awards 2019

Rhondda Housing Association (RHA) is a community-based housing organisation that has been operating across the relatively deprived Rhondda Cynon Tâf region for over 40 years. 

It owns and manages more than 1,700 homes and has chosen, as a result of the climate of austerity, to plug the gap in services in ways that are over and above its remit as a landlord. In response to the introduction of Universal Credit, the impact of austerity and low levels of employment, RHA felt the requirement to respond to its clients’ increased needs with services above and beyond tenancy management. It endeavours to be a great housing association that drives change in the area. In order to do so, it needs to be the developer, employer and partner of choice. This is what it has strived for, focusing on building strong and lasting relationships.

Through its enhanced activities and through adhering to these principles, RHA has, among other things: 

  • alleviated the pressure on food banks by donating 1,400 Grubhub food parcels to those in need 
  • worked with 90 partners to maximise impact, build and engage its communities  
  • engaged more than 50 tenants in social inclusion projects 
  • saved more than £60,000 in one year through its Get Set tenancy support project 
  • built 148 new homes, helping to contribute to the Welsh government’s housing target 
  • invested £12.5m in the local economy by levering public and private finance to regenerate areas. 

“We are open and honest and successfully delivering exceptional services that are making a significant difference.

We constantly challenge ourselves to improve. We have a strong business acumen but never lose sight of our core purpose of helping to improve people’s lives.” 

Luke Takeuchi
Chief Executive, Rhondda Housing Association

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