Bank of England – Responsible Business Champion: Health and Wellbeing

The Bank of England’s approach to wellbeing.

Bupa Health and Wellbeing Award

Prioritising mental health is essential to workers’ wellbeing for the Bank of England. They have normalised mental health from leadership to the front line – supporting staff with tailored reasonable adjustments, training, awareness building and national campaigns.


  • The bank has a Mental Health Network of over 400 members, just under 100 Wellbeing Champions, and over 60 Peer Supporters.
  • As a central bank, its mission is to promote the good of the people. By supporting colleagues to feel healthy, happy and comfotable in the workplace through its wellbeing agenda, the bank ensures that they can effectively contribute to this mission by feeling they can be their whole selves at work, and to create conditions where they can be productive with their outputs.
  • Through its work with external organisations such as the City Mental Health Alliance, and through external publications that it has contributed to such as the Financial Times Adviser, the Express and the Royal Society for Public Health, it has also set the tone for other employers within its sector to prioritise mental health.

Five years ago The Bank of England made Diverse and Talented one of four pillars of their strategic plan. The aim was not just to increase diversity; but also inclusion. The Bank of England Inclusion ethos is that inclusion unlocks the true value of an organisation’s diversity. Only through inclusion can people realise their full potential. That’s why the Bank is focussing on building a culture that values diverse ideas, encourages open debate, and empowers people at all levels to take initiative. To help develop the next generation, the Bank is working with schools and universities to encourage a more diverse set of students to study economics and finance. 1


1 Taken from speech given by Mark Carney, Governor Bank of England at the Investing in Ethnicity Race Conference March 2019)