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The Experts in Schools Programme

The Education Partnerships Award

FTI Consulting’s ‘Experts in Schools Programme’ plugs gaps in the national curriculum. It aims to support tens-of-thousands of students – educating them on FTI’s expertise, enabling them to gain work with experts and providing educational resources.

It is really inspiring to be able to use our professional expertise in economics and media in this practical way, and help young students understand how important knowledge and critical thinking can be applied to their real lives. For this reason, our partnership with Young Citizens
in developing the Experts in Schools programme has been a wonderful and valuable initiative of which we are very proud.

Kevin Hewitt, Chairman, FTI Consulting

Societal impacts

  • FTI Consulting’s ‘Experts in Schools programme’ helps teachers to develop the knowledge and employability skills of their students, whilst also supporting young people into work places giving them the opportunity to meet and interact with professionals.
  • Fake news has caused a crisis of misinformation that Experts in Schools is helping to solve – post programme 100% of the students stated that they understood the terms ‘fake news’ and that they felt confident that they would be able to spot online advertising in the future.
  • Young people struggle to understand basic facts and key terms relating to the economy: 93% of students post-programme state that they can explain what an economic cycle is, this is compared to pre-programme levels of just 24%

Business impacts

  • The programme has supported internal networking, creating cross-departmental connections with volunteers sitting across five different segments, as well as providing great business networking opportunities with clients, particularly law firms.
  • The programme has raised the positive reputation of the firm, being a very popular social media post subject area as well as winning several awards including; Managing Partners Forum for Best Community Programme and Corporate Engagement Awards Best Educational programme.