Accenture – Responsible Business Champion: Gender

Aiming to achieve a gender-balanced global workforce by 2025, Accenture is helping to progress women at all levels.

The Gender Equality Award

Combined with a data driven approach to progressing women across all levels, Accenture’s market-leading Shared Parental Leave policy has seen exponential growth in take up across the business. More than 550 employees have benefited from the policy since 2015 with the majority taking 15-20 weeks at full pay. With parents having to take a significant amount of time out, its Accent on Family network works to ensure that they are supported in returning to the workplace.

We strive for an inclusive organisation which is rich in diversity, provides equal opportunity for all and where everybody can be themselves without out any fear of bias. We stand against discrimination whether based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other dimension of diversity

Olly Benzecry, Chairman and Managing Director, Accenture, UK & Ireland 


  • Accenture aims to achieve a gender-balanced global workforce by 2025 and grow its percentage of female managing directors globally to 25% by 2020.
  • In the UK the company has set a recruitment target of 51.5% women.
  • The company targets 70% of universities with the highest percentage of Black, Asian and minority ethnic students.
  • Accenture provides coaching for women from disadvantaged backgrounds and sponsors 27 female university societies with whom it shares communications, runs insight events and designs specific content.
  • Since launching in September 2017, UK female entry-level hiring in technology has increased from 25% in 2016 to 54% by September 2019.
  • The company has held five recruitment events with 200+ attendees and achieved an 87% conversion to offer rate with 150+ successful female candidates.
  • Its Technology Apprenticeship Programme which was launched in 2014, has helped to expand and diversify its technology talent pool.
  • Its apprentices build a career while earning a BSc in Digital & Technology Solutions.
  • Break|Through, a 10-week paid internship for returning managers, helps individuals seeking to return to work by providing re-entry support and training. Since launching in 2017, female intake has been more than 50%.
  • Overall its recruitment mix has increased from 36% in 2015 to 49.7% in 2019. Its managing director gender recruitment mix has increased from 6.3% to 31.8% in the same time period. The technology mix has increased year-on-year from 26.4% in 2015 to 42.3% in 2018. Female recruitment into its graduate training programme increased from 47% in 2017 to 59% in 2019 and it increased within the Technology Analyst Group from 31% in 2017 to 56% in 2019. Its Technology Apprenticeship intake reached 58% in 2019. Female experienced hire recruitment has increased 30.4% to 40.8% in the last two years.