Lavazza Professional UK – Responsible Business Champion: Environment

Lavazza Professional UK – Serious About Sustainability

The UPS Environmental Leadership Award

Lavazza Professional UK’s principles are non-negotiable. Not only because its product derives from the transformation of raw, plant-origin materials ─ potentially threatened by the phenomenon of climate change ─ but because the global responsibilities of the sustainability goals outweigh economic interests, leading the way to a more ethical and sustainable world. The initiatives aim to globally minimise their environmental impact, reduce landfill waste, and support livelihoods of the communities in which they operate. Integrating sustainability across the business and supporting their customers’ personal sustainability journeys.

Calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers increased our commitment to offering our customers and consumers. A revolutionary solution to meet their needs.

Ashley Weller – UK Market Director, Lavazza Professional UK

Lavazza Professional UK has led the way in innovation through the creation of the new KLIX Eco Cup. This is unique, due to a special patented water-based dispersion barrier board that enables the cups to be recycled with normal paper waste where recognised by your waste management provider. An industry first. This means:

  • Compared to a standard paper cup used in a vending machine that would end up in landfill, research by WSP shows that switching to KLIX Eco Cup can lead to a reduction in environmental footprint of over 63%. 
  • The KLIX Eco Cup is compliant with paper recycling standards by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), the leading trade paper industry association.

Alongside the launch of the KLIX Eco Cup, the collaborative relationship with partners expands the impact of ethical farming, sourcing, and production, thus supporting and developing Kenyan farmers’ livelihoods and those of their families/ communities. Lavazza Professional has:

  • reduced energy usage across 67 factories in Kenya – saving 10,592,235kwh
  • supported and developed over 600,000 Kenyan farmers’ livelihoods
  • planted 269,828 trees in the region
  • helped its Kenyan partners save over $3.6m: this year, its programme focus moves to Rwanda and Malawi, where it will strive to make similar if not more impact. Its Ambassadors leave a lasting impact, working with the local communities to improve facilities (e.g. tea hangers) helping with bricklaying, cement mixing, and transporting bricks and rocks for the build.

At a local level, Lavazza Professional UK has:

  • put zero waste in landfill, with 55% recycled and 45% of waste put back into the national grid to generate energy
  • refurbished, re-used or recycled old KLIX vending machines (no parts to landfill)
  • upgraded factory assets, including the installation of LED lighting at all sites.

Lavazza Professional UK has not only reduced its environmental impact, it has created a continuous cycle in which product and process innovation, qualitative excellence, and sustainability feed each other. This achievement is thanks to the contribution of all the people who cooperate together to improve, day after day, on the path to sustainable growth.

“We have always been passionate about making a positive difference that goes far beyond our own business and supports our customers on their own individual sustainability journeys. Calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers increased our commitment to offering our customers and consumers a revolutionary solution to meet their needs: KLIX Eco Cup marks another step forward in our mission to deliver the most sustainable drinks vending solutions in the world,” Ashley Weller – UK Market Director, Lavazza Professional UK.