SCS Railways – Responsible Business Champion: Gender

Offering employees a more flexible approach to working, SCS Railways is advancing gender equality in the construction sector.

The Gender Equality Award

SCS Railways (a Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture) has advanced gender equality in the construction sector by offering all staff the ability to work flexibly and design their own schedules, alongside a comprehensive approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour in the workplace by embedding this into Health & Safety protocols. Its Flex40 strategy has seen an 88% uptake in flexible working and improved productivity levels by 20%.


SCS Railways has:

  • Transformed its culture through its Flex40 strategy: a tremendous tool to enable gender equality, Flex40 has been adopted by 88% of staff with 74% taking full or a half flexi-day off.
  • Improved productivity: 41% of staff found that Flex40 had improved their productivity, with a big increase from 65% of weekly objectives being met to 82%.
  • Improved work/life balance for staff: 94% say it has contributed positively to their wellbeing, with 58% of people saying they have a good work/life balance, up from 27% before Flex40 was introduced.
  • Improved consistency and fairness across the business: flexible work is now open to all and colleagues feel that they are all treated the same. People feeling judged negatively when working flexibly plummeted from 62% to 11%.