The Age Friendly Team Award: Landmarc Support Services

Landmarc has created a culture where employees of all ages can teach, share and learn from one another, creating an environment rich with experience and maturity.

Finalist for Business in the Community’s Age Friendly Team Award 2019.

Landmarc: Focus on experience and maturity of staff is keeping customer satisfaction high and staff turnover low

  • 58 per cent of training completed undertaken by over-50s
  • 25 per cent of over-65s work part time
  • 11 per cent staff turnover

Landmarc Support Services has an age-friendly workplace. The youngest employee is 19 and the oldest is 74. But the majority (63 per cent) of staff are over 50 – a result of proactively recruiting servicemen and women who have already completed a successful career in the military. This presents the organisation with opportunities.

The business, which provides support services to the UK Ministry of Defence, uses family-friendly, flexible working and health surveillance policies to empower its line managers to make business decisions that enable age-friendly working patterns. As a result, the highest percentage of part-time working can be seen at the younger and older ends of the scale. A quarter of over-65s work part-time.

“The skills, knowledge and experience of our people enable us to maintain high levels of performance so that we can meet our customer’s high standards. Knowledge sharing, cross-generational working, flexible working practices and strong employee engagement are all important enablers.”

Adam Hudson, Corporate HR Manager, Landmarc

The company’s east management team, for example, comprises 16 managers aged between 30 and 64. Thanks to a renewed focus on professionalising the experience of its people, whatever their age, 58 per cent of all training completed in 2018 was undertaken by over-50s. 

The business reports that it has created a culture where employees of all ages can teach, share and learn from one another, creating an environment that is rich with experience and maturity. 

Customer satisfaction is running at 99.6 per cent, with consistent positive feedback. Staff turnover is low at 11 per cent, keeping recruitment costs low and productivity high. 

Information in this impact story has been supplied by Landmarc.

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