The Barclays Developing Resilience Award: First Recovery

First Recovery provides small businesses with an emergency service that includes temporary offices, a standby IT and communication network, and support to recover any lost data.

Finalist for Business in the Community’s The Barclays Developing Resilience Award 2019.

First Recovery: Providing businesses with new temporary location, IT and telecoms after disasters

  • 1-month free relocation offices 
  • More than 500 offices available 

Small- and medium-sized businesses are often run by people who are vulnerable to disasters. They rarely have a plan in place should the worst happen, affecting their staff, suppliers, customers, friends and family. 

That’s where First Recovery comes in. In partnership with Zurich Insurance UK, it provides small businesses with an Emergency Disaster Recovery (EDR) service. Within 24 hours of a disaster striking – a flood or a fire, for example – up to 12 staff can be relocated to one of more than 500 standby offices around the UK for one month. The company also provides a 12-station standby IT network, with phones, email and broadband services reinstated, and support provided to recover any lost data. It’s a free service for all Zurich UK small business customers. 

“This service is available to nearly 60,000 Zurich clients and it costs them nothing. We are very proud of having played our part in changing the face of resilience for small businesses in the UK, forever.” 

​Paul Jackson, CEO, First Recovery

“Often when we attend a disaster, the owner is still in tears; their company, which they may have spent many years building or was a family business, is suddenly gone. But within one working day, to the outside world, it is as if nothing happened,” says the business. 

Businesses that have EDR from First Recovery are seen as ‘better risk’ than those that do not, so their insurance premiums are reduced. 

The loss of a small business can often affect a larger number of people than just the owner. Clients are lost, staff can’t be paid and suppliers are disrupted. Preventing this outcome by adding resilience in a smart way continues to fuel First Recovery’s growth. 

The information in this impact story has been supplied by First Recovery.

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