Business in the Community’s wellbeing campaign helps employers to support their employees’ health, happiness and engagement by taking an integrated approach to physical, mental and social wellbeing.  It is crucial that employers consider the employee as a whole person rather than separate parts, and so we work with employers to ensure that mental health and physical health are considered in parity in the boardroom and when it comes to developing wellbeing strategies. Our member organisations understand the business case for wellbeing and proactively review their strategies with us.
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Case Studies

Anglian Water: supporting health and wellbeing every day

Learn how Anglian Water are supporting their employees’ health and wellbeing throughout 2021

What if your job was good for you?

Business in the Community’s Wellbeing Director Louise Aston makes the case for putting wellbeing at the heart of business planning and job design.
Case Studies

Royal Mail: supporting people at risk of domestic abuse

Royal Mail Group offers ‘Online Safe Spaces’ to support people at risk of experiencing domestic abuse.

Mental Health, Loss and Bereavement

The experience of bereavement is unique to each person, writes Mark Allan, Commercial Director UK Insurance.