Catherine Schlieben - Business in the Community
Catherine Schlieben smiles

Catherine Schlieben

Chief People Officer for Talent and NGV,
National Grid

Employment and Skills Leadership Team
Chair, Future Skills and Good Work Taskforce

Catherine Schlieben is the Chief People Officer for Talent and NGV (National Grid Ventures) at National Grid, the FTSE-100 power supply company operating across the UK and North Eastern US.

She is responsible for the strategy across talent acquisition, talent development, defining leadership behaviours and capabilities. She also ensures that National Grid has an inclusive culture, a diverse leadership and workforce.

Prior to National Grid, Catherine held a global HR leadership role for Worldone of the world’s leading payment companies, Worldpay Inc. She managed teams based in locations around the world and was involved in making a significant merger a success through the integration of talent acquisition and HR processes. Catherine also worked closely with a cross-functional working group focused on achieving the goals set as part of the merger deal. Further back in her career, Catherine has worked in leadership roles in ITV and various privately-owned search firms and consultancies.

Catherine is delighted to be on the Employment and Skills Leadership Team because she is passionate about ensuring companies providing young people the right opportunities and development to set them up for their working life. She is keen to see more businesses nurture talent and find future skills from within our companies.

Catherine is a trained musician, playing the piano and violin for many years and singing with a chamber choir.