Chris Waples in a suit, shirt and tie leans against a wall smiling

Chris Waples

Group Managing Director,
John Laing

Education Leadership Team

Chris joined John Laing in 2007. He is responsible for all asset management services to both the Group’s primary and secondary investment portfolios and, in addition, to investments owned by the John Laing Infrastructure Fund (JLIF).

Chris is also the director responsible for health and safety matters, corporate social responsibilities and is a Trustee of the John Laing Charitable Trust.

About Business in the Community’s Education Leadership Team

Each area of work Business in the Community (BITC) undertakes is led by a group of senior executives who provide strategic guidance and support us in achieving our objectives.

The purpose of BITC’s Education Leadership Team is to increase collaboration between business and schools so that firms have the greatest positive impact on education possible. Our ambition is that every child, particularly those facing social disadvantage, can achieve in education and have a successful working life.

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