Simon Smith wearing a camoflage jacket looks at the camera

Colonel Simon Smith MBE

Assistant Head Workforce Policy,
British Army

Race Equality Leadership Team

Colonel Simon Smith has served 20 years in the British Army in support and personnel roles. He leads a team of 18 military and civilian staff responsible for Army employment policy as Assistant Head Workforce Policy and is the Army Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor.

Previously, he has deployed on operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. He was the Deputy Chief Of Staff (personnel and logistics) of 16 Air Assault Brigade as it returned to a contingency footing following Afghanistan, and was the lead logistics planner in the Army Directorate of Operations and Contingencies.

He completed staff college in Canberra with the Australian Defence Force and commanded a battalion through training in Canada and readiness (including two activations of Operation Temperer following the Manchester Arena and Parsons Green attacks).

Simon is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and passionate mountaineer with worldwide experience.

About Business in the Community’s Race Equality Leadership Team

Each area of work Business in the Community (BITC) undertakes is led by a group of senior executives who provide strategic guidance and support us in achieving our objectives.

The purpose of BITC’s Race Equality Leadership Team is to support employers to help break down the barriers that prevent the progression of ethnic minorities in their workplaces and show how an inclusive organisation better serves its customers, clients and communities.

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