Connecting businesses and community organisations  

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Driving positive localised impact by building healthy, diverse and skilled communities. Communities that enable all members to prosper and thrive.

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How Business in the Community drives positive change

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Skills Exchange programme harnesses the skills and time of over 600 business members to support the needs of local community organisations across the UK. We facilitate change across the UK by brokering and nurturing connections between our members and community organisations.

The Skills Exchange programme provides community organisations with free one-to-one support, consultancy, pro-bono services and skills training from BITC’s network of 600 plus members.  

Our achievements to date

BITC has over 40 years of experience in bringing together businesses and communities to create local change. Our Skills Exchange Platform is the easiest and most efficient way for community organisations to access support around a specific issue or challenge from a business expert. Through the platform, we have successfully supported over 6,000 different requests from community organisations. 

How Business in the Community members have supported community organisations

  • Digital skills: digital marketing, social media, campaigns, digital tools training, online security. 
  • Leadership and management: business planning, governance, employee recruitment/engagement, diversity and inclusion. 
  • Reach and impact: fundraising strategy, business partnerships, marketing/PR. 
  • Organisational resilience: employee wellbeing, risk management, finance, HR. 

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What supported organisations are saying

“BITC’s input has been invaluable in keeping us on track with our business volunteer and facilitating regular partnership meetings. As a standalone charity, the ability to engage with a major corporate like Sodexo and gain advice on our operations has been really valuable and would not have happened without BITC”. 

Jane Partington |CFO | The Bread and Butter Thing | Manchester 

“Throughout the last two years, BITC has continually been our reliable source of advice, advocacy and exceptional support. The team at RCV UK would highly recommend that any charity looking for support from the business community get in touch with BITC. Their service and professionalism are second to none and the results speak for themselves”. 
Dawn Derraven | Co-founder | RCV UK Risca CV19 Volunteers | Wales

My organisation is a member of Business in the Community.
How can we help?

We work with our members to leverage the skills and time of their employees to actively support the communities they live and work in. Through the Skills Exchange programme, we connect BITC members with community organisations to address community issues around inequality, mental health and wellbeing, and climate action. 

How does this work?
  • Your employees use their skills, expertise and knowledge to help community organisations increase their reach and impact.  
  • BITC brokers connections and partnerships with community organisations across the UK. 
  • We use our expertise in communities to co-design bespoke volunteering programmes with your team. 
  • We highlight funding opportunities for your businesses. 

Four ways to get involved

Meet the Team

Employee volunteers share their experiences

“I found the experience really enjoyable, rewarding and challenging. It was great to be able to apply the skills and knowledge that I’ve built up over my career to helping such a worthy cause as AMIS, especially at a time where support for victims of domestic violence is needed more than ever.

BITC were really helpful in setting up the initial meetings with AMIS and supporting us through the engagement when required. And of course, we would not even have found out about this opportunity at all without BITC!”  
Chris Kenny | Audit Manager | Wesleyan Assurance Society 

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