Ashton KCJ & Ipswich and District Animal Welfare Centre

Ashton KCJ were recently involved in helping the Ipswich and District Animal Welfare Centre in converting their charity into an incorporated charitable organisation, which involved several members of the firm providing their expertise, including employment and commercial property.

Ashton KCJ are keenly committed to working with the local business and non business communities, and actively support a variety of different initiatives and charities in the local area through ProHelp. The firm is committed to providing pro bono and reduced fee work at the same high level as all other work.

Recognising the significance that domestic animals play in the lives of many disadvantaged people, The Ipswich and District Animal Welfare Centre has been running many initiatives to provide assistance; one such initiative was to provide a free neutering service to cats belonging to benefits claimants.

Following receipt of a large legacy the charity’s trustees had concerns regarding their legal responsibilities and possible liabilities. Abi Adams of Ashton KCJ was the main point of contact for the project and oversaw the input from the various legal depatments. Giles Kerkham of Larking Gowen was also involved, particularly in dealings with the Charity Commission.

Phil Beeson, one of the Ipswich and District Animal Welfare Centre Trustees: “Abi [Adams] led the work to convert our charity into a charitable incorporated organisation and provided a prompt and efficient service which ensured that the conversion went smoothly. She also coordinated the activities of her colleagues such as Alex [Pilc] in the real estate section and of other professional advisers to the process. The whole undertaking was completed with a minimum of fuss and in a timely manner.”